Memory for Computers, Printers and other IT usage.

AZAK can supply all types of memory used in computers and printers. Memory used in many other devices can also be supplied.

We can quote for memory based on manufacturers product codes or based on technical information you give us on your computers or printers.

Why do computers need additional memory and what are the consequences of not having enough of it ?

Memory chips are used to temporarily store information that the computers processor or Central Processing Unit (CPU) is dealing with at a given moment in time. If a computer seems to be slow or has become slower than it was when it was bought then it is likely that it needs to use more memory than is installed in it.

The computer might be being asked to deal with more open packages or a lot of data at the same time. If there is not enough memory for these tasks then it will slow down or even crash the computer. Upgrading to newer versions of packages or operating systems also puts pressure on memory. Performing the same tasks as before is often slower as the new packages require higher levels of system resources. Lack of memory resources in these situations can cause a computer to freeze or "hang". Such instability often leads to data loss in packages that are open at the time the computer "hangs". At the very least it can be an inconvenience. The costs can however be higher if working time or important data is lost.

What information is needed in order to quote for memory upgrades ?

Standard details of the Computer, Printer or other device which needs a memory upgrade need to be collected as listed below). For larger projects where there a large number of computers and printers we can provide services such as memory audits and managed installs. We can also supply a memory upgrade service for smaller sites or work with Computer Services / Maintenance companies for this purpose.

• Server, Workstation, Laptop / Notebook, Printer, Other (please specify)
• PC or Mac
• Manufacturer and Model
• Details of previous memory upgrades
• Existing Memory capacity used (if known)
• Desired Memory capacity to be reached
• No of computers to be upgraded with above specified requirement.

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