January / February 2001
Law Society Gazette

Looking beyond the label

To protect client confidentiality, lawyers favour address labels instead of windowed envelopes. Like so many other thoughtful notions, this idea can be a pain to execute, as those charged with printing out those labels will attest. For instance, labels have a nasty tendency to peel off inside office printers, jamming the machine.

Smart Label Printers are handy wee yokes, dedicated to the dirty job of printing out labels, freeing your regular office printer to do what it's supposed to do: produce reams of useless paper. Each of the three printers in the Smart Label Printer range come with software that links to programs such as your PC word-processor or your contact manager on your Palm Pilot, so you can create a label just by highlighting an address and clicking an icon.

The built-in database saves names, addresses and the most commonly-used labels while direct thermal printing technology means there's no need for inks, ribbons and toner.




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