The Importance of Visitor Management Systems for Safety, Security & Financial Control

Visitor Management is concerned with the movement of people through offices, warehouses, clubs or other facilities. Visitor Books have been a popular means of recording Visitor details for many years but organisations and companies are now assessing the expense and limited use of them as a means of protecting staff safety and corporate security. These can become a security risk in themselves if they are stolen or copied and are of little use if left behind in the event of a fire or other emergency. Health and Safety Regulations and local emergency plans can be greatly enhanced by INSITU Visitor Management Software. Recorded information can be accessed (remotely) from outside an evacuated building or some other place ensuring emergency services have full rescue information available to them on the names of all contractors, clients or other visitors in a building.

Knowing who is entering a building or an area of a building and having this information available for real-time or historical reports use can also greatly enhance corporate security. Reports can be run at any time for ranges of dates showing who has entered or is currently visiting a building (or any area) and for what reason.

When the INSITU Visitor System is used in a straightforward manner visitors are logged in and out by a security person or a receptionist. The information collected includes standard details such as who the person is visiting, their car registration and other information that is deemed necessary by a company or organisation for specific health, safety, security or administrative reasons such as matching time-based contractor invoices against recorded times spent by contractor staff in a particular location.

INSITU is a button-driven Windows package which can flexibly be scaled upwards in terms of it's usage sophistication. It is compatible with most Access Control and Time & Attendance Systems. It has sample templates which can be modified for different uses and pre-designed report modules which generate data that is based on user definable databases. Other customisable solutions are available for those with enhanced requirements.

There are 2 editions to choose from - Express and Professional.

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