The key benefits of using INSITU Visitor Management Systems

• The System can be used for many types of people flow information. Clients,   Contractors and other Visitors or Staff can be logged in and out of buildings and   designated areas for Security, Safety or other reasons.

• The system is also suitable for seminars, meetings, trade-shows, conferences, leisure   events / facilities and other purposes where it is necessary to know innocuous low-  level information such as the numbers of people who have entered an area or more   detailed information such as their names and the purpose of their visit. In low-level   security situations the system may be self-administered by clients (eg Golf Club   members logging on to show they are going onto a Golf Course). Photographic,   Signature, Barcoding or Fingerprint hardware can be incorporated in the INSITU   System where a higher level security is needed. INSITU is a flexible system that is   customisable to most needs.

• Paper based Visitor Books or similar systems can be browsed or scanned by many   types of people including staff and clients. Commercial or Personal Security may be   compromised. The INSITU system ensures visitor data is only available to those   authorised to access it.

• INSITU can be used to improve client or staff service as information is retrievable   quickly and easily. Even where large numbers of people are at a seminar or in a   building, messages can be forwarded or car registration numbers can be matched   exactly with a guest. Information gathered by INSITU can be used for future   correspondence. High general levels of corporate efficiency and opportunities to use   gathered visitor data is much greater with INSITU   than with paper-based systems   because of in-built database reports.

• As all previous details are stored on individual customer records, repeat visits are   dealt with seamlessly. Individuals or groups can be pre-booked. This is particularly   useful for management of conference delegates, educational classes or other groups   who are moving in and out of areas where monitoring ensures their health and safety   is protected as well as conveying a high level of corporate image on the organisers as   they are seen to make best use of visitor time. INSITU can create Visitor badges with   barcodes allowing high efficiency practises such as allowing pre-booked visitors to be   scanned in and out of an event purely by scanning their Visitor Badges in front of a   bar code reader.

• INSITU can be integrated in the Corporate Identity of a Company or Organisation   through the use of logos, colour schemes or other graphic design services which are   offered to INSITU clients. This service can include all printed paper needs.

• Internal company administration can be improved. Time spent on-site by Contractors,   Consultants and other corporate persons who charge fees based on time can be   verified by INSITU. Invoices can be cross-checked against log details which show the   dates and times a fee-based visitor was on-site. Safety based analysis can also be   done. INSITU can be used to pre-book contractors who will be expected by a security   person or receptionist and are not dependent on verification by staff members who   may be in meetings or otherwise uncontactable when a contractor arrives. Pre-booked   contractors (for example an IT Technician who will need to close down the entire   computer network in a company) can be viewed on Visitor Reports for personnel who   may request that such visits need to be re-scheduled.