Core Features and Options of INSITU Visitor Management Systems

• Gives far higher levels of Security than purely paper-based ones
• Ensures better safety for staff and non-staff
• Gives more control and higher levels of administrative efficiency for visitor messaging   and cross-checking of invoices by times logged in the software.
• Speeds up checking in of groups or large numbers of visitors for special events such   as conferences and allows data to be saved in a manner for easy follow-up by staff.
• Flags disruptive or time-sensitive events that may affect safety or organisational   matters where contractors such as electricians or service providers such as auditors   are pre-booked. Potential conflicts can be extrapolated from advance reports that are   circulated by INSITU access control operators.
• Significantly improves emergency plans and compliance with Health & Safety   Regulations.
• Projects a high level of Corporate Image in terms of Corporate Identity and overall   Visitor handling efficiency.

Newspaper Article illustrating the importance of office security

It doesn't take technical wizardry or a cunning disguise to gain access to premises or confidential data as Mark Halper from the Independent Newspaper discovers in this article.